The Swaziland Community Multimedia Network


The overall goal of the campaign is to advocate nationally for the passing of the Swaziland Broadcasting Bill of 2013 to enable licensing of community radios. Its specific objectives are: To influence decision-makers such as legislators, communications regulator and public officials to improve the legislative framework for community broadcasting; To get community broadcasting issue onto agenda of international organisations, civil society, business community and media for further discussion, and; To raise awareness of Swazi citizens about benefits of community radio for socio-economic and community development. Positive change is expected among decision-makers towards the enactment of the Broadcasting Bill. The primary target group includes ICT Portfolio Committee members, MPs, the Communications Commission, and officials of the Ministry of ICT, who are expected to feel positively about the Bill and table it in Parliament for debate. The secondary target group includes selcted Chiefs, Regional and community leaders; Editors of mainstream media; Ambassadors and United Nations representatives; business leaders and Directors of NGOs will focus on increasing their knowledge about community radio and seeking their support for the advocacy campaign. Members of the public’s awareness about the benefits of community radio for community and socio-economic development will increase through public engagement events, information/ multimedia material dissemination and creation of online platforms for information sharing. The project began in August 2015 and is expected to end in September this year.

Meeting decision-makers Seeking support of Stakeholders Engaging members of the public Strengthening Partnerships
Ministries: ICT/Tinkhundla, Chiefs MPs: ICT Portfolio Committee Independent Regulator/SCCOM Selected International Organisations, Diplomatic Corps, NGOs, Business people Road Shows Facebook Page/E-petition Media messages SCMN, MISA Swaziland, Arterial Network, FLAS, Council of Churches, Lusweti, SWAMA, Sikhuphe Radio